Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Cork Grips from Fly Rod 'N Reel

I've been experimenting with grip design and finish and here are some examples of what I've created.  I particularly like the FW with fighting butt, the grain really popped after finishing it with oil.

Fly Rod 'N Reel Grips

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fly Rod 'N Reel Blog - Fly Rod 'N Reel

I did some Winter Fly Fishing in western Maryland over the weekend,the Savage was running high so I decided to fish some new water.  With over 100 miles of Brook Trout streams in the Savage River watershed, as well as a beautiful strain of wild Brook Trout....
Fly Rod 'N Reel Blog - Fly Rod 'N Reel: Fly Rod 'N Reel Blog

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fly Rod 'N Reel Blog - Fly Rod 'N Reel

Fly Rod ‘N Reel is pleased to have High Country Flies as a supplier of high quality flies! 
high country fliesHigh Country Flies ties quality flies at an affordable price! Every fly is tied with care and consist of the highest quality materials. Offering classic go to patterns or custom requests. Help Support small businesses and buy American made! Discounts available for large quantity orders, even on top of already competitive pricing.

Fly Rod 'N Reel Blog - Fly Rod 'N Reel: fly rod 'n reel blog