Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Driving X-Country with my Son Scott

Leaving for San Francisco this morning, once there Scott will pick me up and we will be off to our first destination, Reno, Nevada. From there on to Salt Lake City and then Breckenridge, Colorado for some fly fishing.  BTW I used TSA Pre at Dulles airport, highly recommend.  Keep shoes on, belt on, computer in bag, etc... like it should be!

Our route across country.

Scott looking very cool;-))

The Sierra Nevadas in CA on rte 80.

The Rockies in Colorado.

Fished the Blue River Tailwater below Dillon Reservoir in Frisco Friday afternoon, we "killed" them!

We drove from Frisco CO through Kansas and visited Nashville TN before staying in the Caddis Cabin (below) which is part of the South Holston River Lodge complex.

Scott's friend Shannon,

and Rachel visited and I gave Rachel the 2 hr "How to Fly Fish/Fly Cast Class". This is Rachel casting, waiting for the strike and with her first "Brownie" on a fly rod.

I picked up this beauty fairly early in the morning.  He was busy eating breakfast when he made the mistake of eating the BWO emerger that I offered him.

Jon Hooper set me up and I drifted the South Fork of the Holston Tuesday afternoon with Matthew.  The Sulphurs were on and the fishing was fantastic to say the least, some of the best dry fly fishing I've experienced!  I bet we caught 40 fish between us in under 3 hours.

Matthew with one of the many Browns he and I caught.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013